Condor 40MM Grenade Round Double Pouch

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Product Description

40MM Grenade Round Double Pouch from Condor

The Condor 40MM Grenade Round Double Pouch is designed to easily hold two 40mm grenades. Fitted with an adjustable hook and loop flap, this pouch will keep your grenades locked inside without fear of damage or loss.

Benefits of the Condor Grenade Double Pouch:

  • Holds 2 40mm grenades
  • Hook and loop flap keeps grenades locked inside
  • Adjustable flap ensures a perfect fit

Things to Consider before Purchasing the 40MM Grenade Round Double Pouch:

The pouch measures 6" high by 2.25" wide by 2" deep for easy placement on your gear without taking up much space. Place your order today; you won’t be disappointed.

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