Condor 36 Inch Rifle Case

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Product Description

36 Inch Rifle Case from Condor

Every rifle owner needs a good case and this Condor 36 Inch Rifle Case was designed just for that purpose. This case is designed to maximize your comfort and the protection of your firearm. That's why it is designed with padding all around. The purpose of the padding is to keep your rifle safe. When you have the protective Condor Rifle Case, you won't have to worry when it shuffles around in the back of your truck.

Your rifle will be secure inside the case with two hook and loop straps. The three external bags are great for storing magazines, ammo, and other tactical gear. There is another compartment on the front of the case that can hold an SMG, optic, pistol, or other item.

Benefits of the Condor Rifle Case:

  • Designed for one 36" rifle
  • Hook and Loop straps for maximum security
  • 3/4" padding for safety
  • 26" long secondary compartment with two pockets
  • Modular utility pouch
  • Modular mag pouches (2)
  • 13" x 36" x 3"

Things to Consider before Purchasing the 36 Inch Rifle Case:

This Condor 36 Inch Case is perfect for your rifle. Whether you have a rifle for hunting or professional purposes, you need a case that will keep it secure and easy to carry. Order your rifle case today.

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