Combat Ready

Sometimes those already going above and beyond the call of duty take their service and physical fitness to new levels. Whether it’s through elite military training programs, best medic and soldiering competitions, or even weekend ultramarathon runners, there are those in life that take that extra step towards turning their body into the ultimate machine. And then there are those that dedicate their time to making sure these athletes remain in fighting shape every day.

Enter Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape, a military grade therapeutic tape that was designed and tested with the modern warfighter and adventurer in mind. Each Combat Ready Tactical Tape kit is a specialized tool developed for the US Military to increase warrior performance, to mitigate injuries, to rehab injuries rapidly, and to increase resiliency against everything that their service may throw at them. The Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo kits each target a specific type of muscle group or injury. Meanwhile, their Friction Shield brings a new generation of protection against blisters and hot spots that often come with long ruck marches and multi-day navigation courses.

We here at US Patriot Tactical are proud to bring our customers the next level in pain and injury mitigation. Combat Ready Tape can be worn for up to five days before being replaced and can withstand marshy, frigid, or even completely aquatic terrains. Combat Ready Tape is trusted by some of the world’s most elite fighting forces and make a frequent showing in soldiering competitions of the highest rigor, including Best Medic and Best Ranger competitions. Now, we offer Combat Ready to all of our customers – servicemembers, police, and adventurers alike. Whether your preparing for a new personal best or preparing for the most rigorous training on the planet, Combat Ready Tactical Body Tape is here to take the sting out of some of those bruises and get you back where you belong, being the best that you can be.