Combat Ready Tape Alpha Kit

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Product Description

Combat Ready Tape Alpha Kit

Athlete. Professional. Warrior. No matter how you serve, injuries and chronic pain can stop you from reaching your peak performance. Stay in the fight with the Combat Ready Tape Alpha Kit, a combat-proven, ranger-tested treatment to increase performance, mitigate injuries, rehab rapidly, and increase resiliency in any environment.

Apply the Combat Ready Tape Alpha Kit to the knee, upper back/posture, hamstring, groin, wrist, or elbow and find out why Combat Ready Tape is known as adventure insurance. Each application lasts for days and provides support to injured or injury prone joints that may be pushed to their limits during long workouts and multi-day competitions. After you apply the kit, you’ll understand why our kits have found their home in grueling military training and competition events.

Benefits of the Combat Ready Tape Alpha Kit:

  • Combat Ready Tactical Tape designed for US military to improve injury management and performance
  • Alpha kit is designed to treat the following locations: Knee, Upper Back/Posture, Hamstring, Groin, Wrist, and Elbow
  • Application lasts for 4-5 days of high-tempo operations
  • Weather- and water-resistant application will stay put through rain, cold, and even full submersion in water
  • Single use kit includes:
  • Precut tactical body tape strips
  • 1 alcohol swap
  • Pictorial application instructions

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