Certified Safety Disposable Penlight

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Product Description

Certified Safety Disposable Penlight

The Disposable Penlight provides a sealed concentrated beam that is activated by depressing the pocket clip. Lightweight and disposable, this penlight provides the perfect exam light for physicians, nurses and EMTs. Disposable penlights are convenient and offer an excellent value. Penlights are used in many walks of life and a number of different situations. The greatest benefit of a disposable penlight is that it has the ability to illuminate specific areas of the eye, which makes it more of a specialist tool than a more generalized one. They can be used to assess pupil response as well as check areas of the mouth and throat. Penlights are also useful for police officers who can use a penlight to see if a suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are a number of circumstances where a penlight is useful, and Certified Safety can provide you with the perfect product. Certified Safety is known worldwide for providing first aid and safety products to the workplace. The company has a strong commitment to providing quality products to people so that they have the tools they need when they need them most.

Benefits of the Certified Safety Disposable Penlight:

  • Disposable white penlight
  • Sealed concentric beam
  • 4.5" long, 1/2" diameter

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Certified Safety Disposable Penlight:

If you are looking for a valuable asset to your place of work, look no further than this disposable penlight. Order your penlight today!

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