Rothco Carabiner Compass

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Product Description

Rothco Carabiner Compass

When GPS navigation fails, having a compass to point you in the right direction can be a life-saving tool. Compact and easy to clip on to your backpack or belt, a Rothco carabiner compass should be a part of every excursion. Whether you’re practicing routine training or deploying on an important mission, it’s important to have a backup gear in the event of GPS failure. When landmarks are scarce and the territory is unfamiliar, the guidance of a carabiner compass can help you navigate your way out of high-stress situations. Preparing yourself with the right equipment is crucial for success during important missions and technical training. Rothco designs gear to stand up to the tough tasks of military work and keep you protected in the wilderness. This lightweight, compact compass is a tool that no soldier should be without. Small and durable, clip this tiny navigator onto your pack as part of your routine preparations.

Benefits of the Rothco Compass:

  • 110MM zinc face with magnetic compass
  • Compact design with clip
  • Easily attaches to belts, pack straps and pockets
  • Ideal tool for cardinal directions
  • Not designed for pinpoint navigation

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Carabiner Compass:

Even familiar territories can become confusing in high-stress situations. Take time to prepare yourself so you don’t find yourself caught in the wilderness without help.  Why wait? Equip yourself with the backup navigation of a carabineer compass today!

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