Cammenga GI Issue Lensatic Tritium 3H Compass


Product Description

Cammenga GI Issue Lensatic Tritium 3H Compass

A compass is one of the most fundamental of all navigational tools. It is a cornerstone of any wilderness survival kit and should be one of the most carefully guarded tools used in the field. A good compass will stand you in good stead and see you through many difficult and challenging circumstances. Because so much rides on the performance of a compass, you should choose to use one of the very best devices available. The Cammenga GI issue lensatic tritium 3H compass is a highly celebrated compass designed for meticulous performance and pinpoint accuracy. This Cammenga compass is designed to stand up to the demands of real field action in all types of terrains and environmental conditions. Its aluminum frame is lightweight, so you can easily pack and transport your compass. Its architectural design will withstand heavy use; this compass is built to last. Made in the USA, this compass is also compliant with GSA standards.

Benefits of the Cammenga GI Issue Lensatic Tritium 3H Compass:

  • An aluminum frame and a waterproof housing
  • A magnifying lens and sight wire
  • Dial graduations in mils and degrees
  • A copper induction dampening system
  • Lanyard, carrying pouch, and belt clip
  • 3H text stamped on the back of the compass

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Cammenga GI Issue Lensatic Tritium 3H Compass:

Do not trust your safety to an unreliable compass. Order your new Cammenga compass today to be prepared for whatever the wilderness might have in store.

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