Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit

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Product Description

Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit

This insulated hose is the Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit. Designed with the same materials and features as your existing delivery system this inexpensive kit lets you prolong the life of you current hydration system. Available in black, foliage and coyote you are sure to find a replacement hose that matches your system.

The Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit comes with everything needed to change out your worn out, damaged or missing delivery tube. Hose comes with the Quick Link™ port, insulated hose cover, hose, HydroLock™ and bite valve to put your hydration system back in action in seconds. Do not wait until the last minute, keep a replacement tube on hand and order your Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit today!

Benefits of the Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit:

  • HydroLock™ lets you control water flow with ease
  • HydroGuard™ prevents odors and disease by inhibiting the growth of bacterial pathogens
  • 42” PureFlow™ Tube give consistent flow of water
  • 40” insulated fabric covering protects against UV damage and prevents condensation
  • Bite valve and cover are made with medical grade silicon
  • Quick Link™ connector allows for quick changing of the drinking tube
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit:

Changing out your drinking tube is advised if you notice leaks or odd taste. Order now!

Standard Measurements for Camelbak Hydrolink Tube Kit:

18” x 7.37” total weight is 7.6oz

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