Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit and Tablets

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Product Description

Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit                

Drying your reservoir is necessary to inhibit mold growth. The Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit includes a hanger to dry your reservoir after cleaning. Camelbak cleaning tablets dissolve quickly to give you a reliable cleaning and sanitizing solution.

The tablets are made with chlorine dioxide to ensure the cleanliness of your hydration system. A nylon bristle brush allows you to scrub the interior of your reservoir while the flexible metal brush cleans the delivery tube. After cleaning and rinsing your reservoir, the flexible plastic hanger can be inserted to allow you to hang dry your reservoir. Keep bacteria at bay, regular cleaning ensures your water source remains free of odors and water tastes right. Order your Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit today!

Benefits of the Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit:

  • Two cleaning tabs, Chlorine Dioxide, for quick and efficient cleaning
  • Plastic drying hanger for thorough drying of your reservoir
  • Flexible metal tube brush cleans delivery tube
  • Nylon bristle brush for scrubbing reservoir interior
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit:

This hanger does not work with the Mil Spec Reservoir or any other reservoir that has a center baffle.

Standard Measurements for Camelbak Hydration Cleaning Kit:

Fits the Long-Neck and Omega reservoirs

Other Details