Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool (Black) F1


Product Description

Calbico Black Channel Cleaning Tool

Keeping your firearms in good working condition means you need to keep up on your maintenance routine. To perform a detailed cleaning, utilize the Calbico Black Channel Cleaning Tool. It’s designed to get into all those tough little spots on your weapons that other cleaning tools often leave untouched. Made from reinforced high-performance plastic material, the Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool won’t mar weapon surfaces with scratches or scuffs. It features a different tip size at each end to make it easy to clear out rivets, cuts, and grooves found on various types of firearms. The handle features a ribbed surface for added grip, reducing potential for tool slippage when you’re working on stubborn grime. Measuring less than six inches in length, this handy tool from Calbico is easy to carry in a pocket or gear pack so it’s always ready to go.

Benefits of the Calbico Channel Cleaning Tool:

  • Overall dimensions of 5.2”L x 0.6”H x 0.4”W (approx. 13.2 x 1.52 x 1.01 cm)
  • Built from high-performance reinforced plastic material for durable performance
  • Designed for use with a full range of firearm types
  • Non-marring design protects the finishes of your weapons
  • Slim, lightweight, and easy to carry

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the  Black Channel Cleaning Tool:

Simple but highly effective, the channel cleaning tool makes a powerful addition to your weapon cleaning kit. Treat your weapons right to ensure they’re always ready for action when you need them.

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