Break Free CLP Gun Cleaner .68 FL OZ

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Product Description

Break Free CLP .68 fl oz Gun Cleaner

The Break Free CLP .68 fl oz gun cleaner is available from Break Free for any gun cleaning needs. Various crevices and pits within your gun may accumulate filth and dirt over time, and this cleaner is able to reach those pesky areas. It leaves behind a lubricating film to prevent the future adhesion of other unwanted abrasives such as grit and sand. If your gun is not cleaned regularly, it can eventually fail. This cleaner can be used in a number of environments, including extreme heat, cold and humidity. No matter where you are in the line of duty, make sure you have this gun cleaner with you.

You need your gun functioning properly out in the field, and Break Free CLP Gun Cleaner .68 FL OZ ensures that it stays operational all the time. This cleaner is made from high-quality synthetic oils that will not weaken in harsh environments. This makes it especially useful for military personnel who travel the world and will be bringing their weapons to a number of different locales and climates.

Benefits of the Break Free CLP .68 fl oz Gun Cleaner:

  • Removes contamination from small crevices and pits in your gun
  • Leaves behind a lubricating film for continued protection

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Break Free CLP .68 fl oz Gun Cleaner:

Your firearm is a vital piece of equipment that needs to remain operational. To ensure that your gun remains functional every time, order your gun cleaner today. 

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