Branch Tape

$4.99 - $6.48

Product Description

Branch Tape from U.S. Patriot

If you are looking for a quality branch tape, then you’ve come to the right place. The U.S. Patriot Branch Tape will be perfect for all of your military uniform needs. This branch tape is made of NYCO Twill fabric that is digitally printed to be military-compliant. The NYCO Twill fabric is more rugged than 100% cotton, as well as stronger and more comfortable. The NYCO still maintains the classic authenticity of classic woven cotton while providing a longer-lasting product. With military-approved threads, these tapes will meet the proper standards and will be excellent for completing your uniform. 

The branch tape comes embroidered with military-compliant thread colors. Optional Velcro backing for attaching them to your uniform is also available. The tapes are currently offered in Air Force ABU and Scorpion OPC for both branches.

The Approved Color Combinations are as follows:

  • Air Force ABU Pattern with Navy Blue Thread
  • Air Force Scorpion OCP Pattern with Spice Brown Thread
  • Army Scorpion OCP Pattern with Black Thread

Benefits of the US Patriot Branch Tape:

  • Branch tape comes in military-approved patterns and fabric
  • For an additional cost, optional Velcro back fastener can be sewn on
  • ABU Pattern approved for wear with Air Force ABU uniforms
  • Scorpion OCP pattern approved for wear with Air Force and Army multicam uniforms
  • Made in the USA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Name Tape:

If ordering a velcro back fastener, a surcharge of $1.49 will be added upon your selection.

Please allow an additional 3 to 5 business days for shipments with sewing and embroidery.

These U.S. Patriot branch tapes are excellent for identification on your uniform. Order yours today!

Other Details

Please allow an additional 3 to 5 business days for shipments with sewing and embroidery.
Hook Back:
$1.49 will be added to all selections with a Hook Back