Boundtree Curaplex Adjustable Extrication Collar

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Product Description

Curaplex Adjustable Extrication Collar

When you are in the midst of handling an emergency, the last thing you need is the failure of a piece of equipment. The Curaplex Adjustable Extrication Collar is the ideal solution for EMS professionals, law enforcement officers or anyone who frequently deals with high-stakes situations. Built and designed to last, this product won't leave you in a lurch when you and your patients need it most. The Curaplex adjustable extrication collar is meant for single use and comes in two sizes – adult and pediatric. With latches that allow for accurate sizing, you can ensure that your patients are stabilized and protected from further injury in just three simple steps. The combined total of 14 adjustable settings makes this neck brace an easy choice, and the two safety lock buttons help to hold the Boundtree collar in place once you have determined the correct fit.

Benefits of the Curaplex Adjustable Extrication Collar:

  • Flat storage
  • MRI and CT-compatible radiolucent material
  • Adjustable sizing fits the majority of patients
  • Cannula hooks to secure oxygen tubing
  • Available in yellow or blue

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Curaplex Adjustable Extrication Collar:

Treating and caring for your patients in the best way possible should be your main concern. With a high-quality single-use neck brace as part of your medical bag, you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about the products, equipment or tools you might need to use at a moment's notice.

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