Blue Force Gear

Whether your job is to protect the United States as a soldier or you are a police officer who is dedicated to keeping your city safe, you need the right type of functional gear. Blue Force Gear manufactures the tactical and firearms accessories that you're looking for to do your job. Blue Force Gear lightweight pouches enable you to carry out your tasks more rapidly and with less weight. Shedding ounces and gaining speed can make all the difference when it comes to safety.

We carry a variety of ultralight pouches that you can carry on your duty belt or vest. These items are extremely compact and easy to stow. These Blue Gear lightweight pouches may be small, but their functionality is not sacrificed. These are cutting edge, highly functional, and durable products.

Blue Force Gear products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They are manufactured to outlive you!  If something goes wrong with the product in your lifetime, we got your six. Give us a call (800.805.5294) and we will communicate with the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced. Of course, this guarantee doesn't include a few situations: blowing it up with C4, running it over with an M1 Abrams, dropping it out the backside of a AC130, normal wear and tear, and of course losing it. 

If you need to be armed as a military security person, or if your job is to round up the bad guys and put them in jail, you need to carry the right equipment in order to remain safe. These pouches are constructed with military grade fabrics, elastics, and straps. Keep yourself out of danger while you are protecting others by stocking up on lightweight pouches and other gear.