Blackhawk Weapons Transport Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Weapons Transport Case

The Blackhawk Weapons Transport Case a sleek, low profile weapon carrying case. Made of highly durable 1,000 Denier nylon and featuring protective.375” closed-cell foam padding, this Blackhawk carrying case will get you through just about any situation without raising unnecessary alarm bells.

Blackhawk has designed this firearm carrying case for transporting multiple weapons at any one time so you can multiply your storage factor by more than one. The padded removable divider that comes with the case acts as a side-by-side divider for easy weapon division and storage.

In terms of comfort, this weapon transport case features a padded shoulder strap to prevent compression fatigue on your shoulders so you can continue to your destination in comfort.

Benefits of Blackhawk Weapons Transport Case:

  • Padded, detachable divider allows for easy side-by-side weapon stowage
  • Entirely padded outside pocket with universal holster for stowing pistol and accessories
  • Includes a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort
  • Measures 41 inches

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