Blackhawk Versa-Harness Holster / Accessory Platform

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Product Description

Blackhawk Versa-Harness Holster/Accessory Platform

The Blackhawk Versa-Harness Holster/Accessory Platform is a versatile, chest-mount platform engineered to help you carry multiple items securely. The beauty of the design of this harness holster is it allows you quickly access the gear and accessories you need while backpacking or hiking.

This chest-mount harness is perfect for mounting your holster, camera or binocular case or other on-the-go accessories to make your life easier on the go. Just mount your gear quickly and easily using the mounting plate or five-position molded hole pattern.

For your total comfort, this ergonomic holster harness has padded shoulders to protect your shoulders from compression and fatigue, plus the nylon webbing on the harness has quick-detach buckles for frustration-free operation.

Benefits of Blackhawk Versa-Harness Holster/Accessory Platform:

  • Perfect for hiking or backpacking
  • Securely mounts your holster, camera or binocular cases among other accessories
  • Injection-molded, multi-position mounting disk features an easy-to-use mounting plate and a direct-mounting, five-position hole pattern for easy, functional and effortless performance
  • Ergonomic aero foam shoulder harness supports and protects your shoulders from fatigue
  • Nylon webbing with quick-detach buckles allow you to disengage the harness easily and quickly
  • Fully compatible with Blackhawk nylon holsters, injection-molded holsters and Serpa Quick Disconnect System adapters for customization that is compatible with many other platforms
  • One size fits most individuals

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