Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt

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Product Description

Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt

In a firefight, even the most capable weapon is rendered virtually ineffective by a lack of ammunition. The Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt was developed to keep you fully equipped in battle whether you’re wielding a pistol, a shotgun, or a rifle. With maximum expansion of 50”, this trusty accessory is made to suit just about any operative.

Built from performance nylon fabric, this Blackhawk belt features super-tough buckles for enhanced durability. Elasticized loops keep your backup rounds securely in place, so you can be confident of your resources even during strenuous movement and physical action. The Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt is made in black to complement a variety of duty uniforms and situations, keeping you locked and loaded regardless of your environment.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt:

  • One size fits most operatives, with expansion capability of up to 50 inches
  • Choose from handgun, shotgun, and rifle ammo belt types
  • Built from a resilient high-performance nylon material
  • Elastic loops provide secure retention of extra rounds
  • Available in black

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt:

It’s not enough simply to carry enough ammunition—it’s also vital that it remain easily accessible to you in urgent moments. The Blackhawk Universal Cartridge Belt is designed to make it simple to locate your reserve, with field-ready attributes that make it an ideal solution for operations involving high physical activity.

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