Blackhawk Thor's Hammer Dynamic Entry Tool

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Product Description

Blackhawk Thor's Hammer Dynamic Entry Tool

If you're responsible for breaching doors then this Blackhawk Thor's Hammer Dynamic Entry Tool is a great choice for you. Law enforcement, military, and emergency services all have times when they need a door to be broken through for immediate entry. A great option for convenient mechanical breaching is this Thor's Hammer Entry Tool from Blackhawk. No matter what your line of service you're in this is a great tool to have at your disposal.

Why is this the tool of choice for many breaching teams? Much of its effectiveness comes from its versatility compared to a traditional battering ram. The unique hammer-like design makes it possible for the handler to be parallel with the doorframe instead of directly in front of it. This allows for safer entry.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tool:

  • 21.5" long
  • Weighs 7.5 pounds
  • Proven to breach lightweight exterior doors and the majority of interior doors

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Thor's Hammer Entry Tool:

When it comes to certain emergencies and tactical situations, you need to enter a building with efficiency. This tool allows you to perform the job more quickly and safely than many other alternatives. Break through your hesitation and order your new Thor's Hammer Dynamic Entry Tool today.

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