Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh (Coyote)

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Product Description

Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh (Coyote)

This lightweight, breathable cotton head cover is so well made and versatile it’s being used by US and coalition forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Made with 100% cotton to wick moisture and shade the skin from the sun, yet can be used under other layers to insulate if the weather gets chilly. Tie it into a bag to carry supplies, make a sling for an injured arm, camouflage conspicuous gear; the uses are near endless.

Gear up for your mission with the Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh and be protected from the daytime sun and nighttime cold, stock up today!


Benefits of the Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh (Coyote):

  • 100% Cotton
  • 44” x 44” (112cm x 112cm)
  • Traditionally used to protect the head and neck from desert sun and sand
  • Multi-purpose garment with many potential uses

Things to consider before purchasing the Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh (Coyote):

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