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Product Description

Blackhawk Tactical Elbow Pads

Faced with unpredictable environments and physical challenges, tactical operatives must always be prepared. For optimum joint protection, strap on the Blackhawk Tactical Elbow Pads. These accessories feature advanced design that holds up against rugged environments while delivering superior elbow protection that you can count on. Blackhawk built these elbow pads with a 600-denier nylon shell for capable resilience and quick-dry capability. With lightweight and flexible properties, you can be sure that your freedom of movement won’t be hindered in the name of protection. The integrated closed-cell foam offers outstanding shock resistance while elastic hook-and-loop straps keep pads firmly in place. Finally, a contoured inner ledge combines with a molded polyurethane cap to ensure non-slip performance for maximum stability.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Tactical Elbow Pads:

  • Features rugged outer shell constructed from 600-D nylon material
  • Designed to shrug off moisture so you stay dry in any environment
  • Closed-cell foam provides substantial padding to absorb shock
  • Elastic straps feature Velcro-style securing closures to keep pads in place
  • Polyurethane cap and shaped inner ledge deliver slip-resistant stability
  • Built for ideal flexibility and freedom of movement

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Tactical Elbow Pads:

Tactical operations call for preparation and adaptability so be sure you’re outfitted for any situation. Blackhawk products have an established reputation for performance and these Tactical Elbow Pads are no exception. Gear up right for success in the field.

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