Blackhawk Super Break -N- Rake Breaching Tool

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Blackhawk Super Break-N-Rake Breaching Tool

The Blackhawk Super Break -N- Rake Breaching Tool is an extremely efficient breaching tool designed especially for tactical operators to use for window entries. Special Forces personnel will find this breaching tool especially easy to use given its unique design and high performance materials and construction.

The laser-cut hook and serrated blade on this window breaching tool have been uniquely designed out of military-grade steel to give you a tactical advantage you need when you deploy. There are three 12”carbon steel raking fins that help you clear away glass and other debris as you make your advance. The reinforced hook also helps remove curtains, blinds and other obstructions that may get in the way.

This window breaching tool is the ideal tool for window entries and for securing secondary breach locations as well as distracting the enemy. Plus, the electrically non-conductive D-handle system on this window breaching tool is resistant to 100,000 volts AC.

The Break-N-Rake window breaching tool is tried and tested as well as it has been involved in successful tactical operations both domestically and overseas.

Benefits of Blackhawk Super Break-N-Rake Breaching Tool:

  • Designed exclusively for breaching windows
  • Laser-cut hook and serrated blade are engineered from military-grade steel for trusted conformity to military requirements
  • Three 12” raking fins made from carbon steel are designed to remove glass and other debris for your safety and to help you advance more quickly
  • Reinforced hook efficiently removes curtains, blinds, and other obstructions for no time wasted
  • Electrically non-conductive D-handle system is resistant to 100,000 volts AC for your absolute safety and protection
  • Weighs 11 lbs
  • Measures 69” long

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