Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags

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Product Description

Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags

To achieve the greatest degree of accuracy, you need to ensure that you are set up comfortably when shooting. Designed with configurable versatility in mind, the Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags are made to offer an ideal shooting rest for when you are positioned in rough areas, or when additional height is needed. Stack them or lay them out flat to suit your environment—the choice is yours.

Blackhawk developed these pre-filled sandbags to provide you with precision aiming capability, offering comfort and stability so you can remain focused on your shot. The Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags are easily transported with a total weight less than 6 lbs and no single dimension over 7” when stacked. They are ideal for use with shooting benches, fence posts, and a variety of similar set-ups.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags:

  • Easily modified into various different configurations
  • Sandbags are pre-filled and ready to use
  • Stacked dimensions of 6.5” length, 5.5” width, and 4.5” height
  • Flat dimensions of 12.5” length, 5.5” width, and 2.25” height
  • Total weight of 5.76 lbs
  • Features Blackhawk  Sportster logo branding

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags:

Regardless of where you are positioned, this sub-compact shooting rest will aid you in achieving superior aim while maintaining ideal comfort. The Blackhawk Sportster Multi-Level Sandbags are built for performance in any environment so you can function at your best.

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