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Product Description

Blackhawk Single-Point Sling Adapter (Black)

The Blackhawk Single Point Sling Adapter allows you to upgrade almost any weapon to accept a single-point sling, making it easy to take advantage of convenient hands-free carry and allowing rapid switch-overs to a secondary firearm. It is compatible with a wide range of sling designs, so you can use whichever style best suits your tactical needs. It is made from high-strength nylon webbing and features sliding friction locks that provide a tight fit around the stock. The metal D-ring provides a stable mounting point for the sling's snap hook.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Single-Point Sling Adapter (Black):

  • Single-point sling adapter
  • Configures any weapon to a single-point sling
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Robust metal D-rings
  • Adapter Color: Black
  • Configures any weapon to accept a single-point sling
  • Heavy duty nylon webbing with robust metal "D" rings

Things to consider before purchasing the Blackhawk Single-Point Sling Adapter (Black):

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