Blackhawk Rifle Bandoleer

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Product Description

Blackhawk Rifle Bandoleer

This Blackhawk Rifle Bandoleer is a pocketed belt that allows soldiers to carry their ammo easily, whether they are deployed or training in garrison.

This shoulder-carried bandoleer also allows you to carry two M4/M16 flap mag pouches that are fully adjustable and feature awesome silencing dividers in the center. You can also find adjustable pouches on either side for holding your pistol as well. Moreover, to protect your waist or lower back from fatigue or compression, the back panel is fully padded to keep you mission-focused at all times.

For quick on and off, there is a quick-release button on this rifle bandoleer for rapidly removing or donning it.

Benefits of Blackhawk Rifle Bandoleer

• Rifle bandoleer can be shoulder carried (cross-torso) for efficient, comfortable carry
• Contains two M4/M16 flap mag pouches with silencing dividers in center. Both are fully adjustable
• Adjustable flap pistol mag pouches are located on either side for easy access and functionality
• Padded back panel for comfort and stability
• Panel back has two belt keepers that lock down security around the belt by snap fasteners for extra security
• Quick release buckle allows for rapid removal
• Holds four M4/M16 magazines and two pistol magazines


11.5”w x 6.5”h

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