Blackhawk Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad w/ IVS

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Product Description

Blackhawk Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad w/ IVS

This Blackhawk Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad with IVS compression-molded technology protects your cheek while firing and enhances your performance by stabilizing your firearm at the same time.

The compressed spider design of this ammo cheek pad optimizes your cheek weld while providing eye relief and air flow during prolonged use. This cheek pad holds five rounds on the outside and comes with a zippered ammo pouch for storing extra rounds.

The non-slip HawkTex material this rifle cheek pad is made of helps keep the pad in place as well so you can fire with confidence.

Benefits of Blackhawk Rifle Ammo Cheek Pad w/ IVS

  • Engineered from high performance HawkTex non-slip material and 1,000 Denier nylon for long-lasting durability and locked in performance
  • All-in-one shooter's cheek pad and external zippered pouch for storing ammo
  • Allows you to reload quickly and get a quick visual of your ammo status
  • Lightweight at only 4 ounces

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