Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch

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Product Description

Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch

The Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch is a convenient, belt-carried attachment that puts any standard tourniquet within easy reach. Its pop-up design means that your supplies stay secure while on the move, but accessible in a second with one-handed retrieval by pulling on the internal strap that runs under the tourniquet and through the lid. Using a Blackhawk pop up tourniquet pouch as an add-on to a robust mobile medical supply kit allows you to keep your gear organized. It also helps to prioritize the supplies most likely to be needed under emergency conditions in ways that make them easier to reach.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch:

  • Fits standard first aid and medic supply tourniquet kits (not included)
  • A high quality velcro patch secures the lid, securing the contents
  • The pop-up retrieval strap wraps under your tourniquet and through to provide a single-pull solution under tight circumstances
  • Durable, heavy-duty material holds up under constant use in harsh conditions
  • Multiple color and design options to make it fit in seamlessly with the rest of your gear
  • Product dimensions: 4.75” x 2.25” x 2.25”

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Pop-Up Tourniquet Pouch:

If you are familiar with Blackhawk’s line of medical pouches, then the durable construction and ease of integration with your other supplies will hardly be surprising. Blackhawk’s gear is ideal for use under many conditions in most dangerous work environments. To fully outfit your medic’s kit and prioritize your supplies, add one to your gear today.

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