Blackhawk Plain Silent Key Holder

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Product Description

Blackhawk Plain Silent Key Holder

There are many different types of tools and equipment that law enforcement and security personnel need to carry on their duty belts while out on patrol. The Blackhawk plain silent key holder allows you to carry your keys without making unnecessary noise. Blackhawk designs and manufactures many different types of tactical gear and tools perfect for use on patrol. The Silent Key Holder is made out of nylon to protect from blood-borne pathogens that law enforcement and security officers may come in contact with. It is finished with a traditional leather look to match other duty gear. The strap makes it easy to attach to your duty belt via a convenient snap. The slightly angled design allows your keys to sit snugly without jingling or making other excessive noise while you’re on patrol. The five-layer laminate design and polymer core means this holder will last a long time.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Plain Silent Key Holder:

  • Keeps keys from making unnecessary noise
  • Made out of nylon with plain leather look
  • Five-layer laminate with polymer core
  • Attaches to duty belt with snap-on strap
  • Perfect for use on patrol

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Plain Silent Key Holder:

If you carry keys with you while you’re on duty, you need a Blackhawk Plain Silent Key Holder. It keeps your keys accessible, but you don’t have to deal with the constant noise of keys moving around. Order yours for more convenient key carrying today.

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