Blackhawk Plain Handcuff Pouch

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Product Description

Blackhawk Plain Handcuff Pouch

If you have been running around on the job with no good place to stow and secure your handcuffs, it may be time to look into purchasing a Blackhawk plain handcuff pouch. As a low-profile, no-fuss solution to handcuff storage, this product can be the answer to all of your handcuff handling woes. An easy way to carry handcuffs while on the go, this handcuff pouch can make the lives of cops and other service people infinitely simpler. When the handcuffs have a designated and durable storage spot, they are less likely to get in your way in the field. This can allow you to focus more fully on the job at hand.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Plain Handcuff Pouch:

  • Unobtrusive black color
  • Molded to fit the shape of handcuffs
  • Durable and disinfecting nylon exterior
  • Blackhawk signature five layer laminate construction
  • Integral core of polymer for durability
  • Can loop around belts up to 2.25 inches wide for easy carry
  • Made in the USA

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Plain Handcuff Pouch:

In the end, this handcuff pouch offers a gloriously simple solution to the storage of handcuffs. With the low-profile pouch at your belt, you can unobtrusively take the cuffs anywhere on any job, even undercover missions. In short, this is a product you'll want to wear on your person all day, every day for its convenience. Order yours today!

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