Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard

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Product Description

Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard

Climbing and repelling are tasks necessary in many tactical situations, and they can present great personal danger if proper equipment is not utilized. The Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard is built to answer the needs of those engaging in high-risk operations, offering exceptional strength and reliability to provide field operators with the greatest possible confidence.

This tactical solution produced by Blackhawk is to be used by qualified individuals who are trained in the ways of safety and proper application of retention devices. It has been third-party tested to provide tensile strength in excess of 1,500 pounds, with five bartacks at each end to secure the powerful inner shock cord. Loops positioned at each end of the Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard enable easy integration with carabiners, allowing for quick, versatile field capability.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard:

  • 15” relaxed length, 19” length when stretched
  • Features tubular webbing built around internal shock cord
  • Reinforced bartacking at ends provides added stability and strength
  • Lanyard includes integrated carabiner loops
  • Tensile strength tested in excess of 1,500 lbs.

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard:

The safety of personnel is the highest priority in any mission. The Blackhawk Personal Retention Lanyard was built with this principal in mind, combining ultra-tough construction with practical functionality to create a very powerful tactical tool for use in the field. Always ensure that you’re properly prepared before engaging in high-risk activity.

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