Blackhawk Open Top Single Cuff Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Open Top Single Cuff Case

When you are taking down a suspect, you shouldn’t have to worry about being unable to get to your handcuffs easily and quickly. Never worry about fumbling for your cuffs again because comfort and ease of access are the trademarks of the Blackhawk open top single cuff case. This high quality, duty belt handcuff case is designed to fit belt widths of up to two and a quarter inches wide, and the ambidextrous design makes your cuffs easy to retrieve from the right or left side. The one piece, open design lets you draw your cuffs faster, and it gives you the ability to reholster your handcuffs using only one hand. Designed to hold a standard type handcuff, the Blackhawk case is constructed of Cordura Ballistic Nylon. This high quality, high strength fabric offers a host of features to the user.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Open Top Single Cuff Case:

  • 2x2 basket weave design developed for use in military body army
  • The strength to weight ratio means that it is both lightweight and sturdy
  • Hard-wearing fabric provides enhanced abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance
  • Created for a long life and tremendous durability

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Open Top Single Cuff Case:

A Blackhawk open top single cuff case will last a lifetime while providing secure storage and easy access to your handcuffs when they are needed the most. Add one to your duty belt today!

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