Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch

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Product Description

Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch

It’s always important to keep your most common gear within easy reach, a concept Blackhawk is quite familiar with. Adding to their robust line of tactical carrying solutions, the Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch offers a rugged, capable accessory holder that attaches easily to any duty uniform. Equip yourself to achieve superior protection for your supported tactical flashlight.

This pouch is constructed from super-tough 1000 denier nylon material for resilience you can count on. Its funnel shaping prevents accidental operation of tail-cap flashlight switches, protecting your battery life from unnecessary drain. The Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch is suitable for carrying of several of their popular tactical lights, including the Duo PXL-6, Falcata6V, Legacy X6-P and L6-P, and the Night-Ops Legacy models. Attach to MOLLE or S.T.R.I.K.E. systems with Speed Clip or utilize integrated belt loop to suit your preference.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch:

  • Belt loop supports max width of 2.5” and features internal hook-and-loop stability
  • Compatible with PALS, MOLLE, and S.T.R.I.K.E. platforms
  • Flap closure features hook-and-look style fastener for secure retention
  • Strategic funnel shape prevents unintended tail-cap engagement
  • Fits many popular tactical flashlights produced by Blackhawk
  • Available in Coyote Tan color

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch:

With durable construction properties, efficient attachment and detachment capability, and the assurance of a flawless fit to support your tactical light, the Blackhawk Multi-Purpose Flashlight Pouch is an outstanding addition to enhance the functionality of your duty uniform.

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