Blackhawk Locking Carabiner

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Product Description

Blackhawk Locking Carabiner

The strength and reliability of a carabiner is of paramount importance. These essential tools are used in a wide range of operations and can be all that stands between an operative’s safety and a perilous situation. The Blackhawk Locking Carabiner offers superior strength capability and lock-down security, giving you the greatest confidence in the field.

Tactical situations require all types of physical action, including scaling up and descending from great heights. With a working load strength rated to 26kn over 5,800 lbs, this Blackhawk utility is made to handle critical jobs without risk of failure. It is constructed from a black anodized aluminum material for exceptional durability, with locking capability for assured support. Make sure you are providing yourself with the most capable equipment to ensure your safety when embarking on the most demanding missions.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Locking Carabiner:

  • Built from an ultra-tough anodized aluminum for maximum durability
  • Working load strength rating of 26kn over 5,800 pounds
  • Suitable for climb and repel operations
  • Available with black exterior finish

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Locking Carabiner:

Whether utilized in climbing, repelling, or any high-risk operations, the response and capability of your carabines must be of the highest standards. Combining exceptional strength and reliability, the Blackhawk Locking Carabiner is designed to instill confidence, offering robust weight support and locked-in security so you can excel in the field.

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