Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch

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Product Description

Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch

Keeping your gear organized and easily accessible is critical for any military service member, and the Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch makes it easier than ever to do that. This pouch is ideally sized to store two pairs of latex gloves, so you can be prepared for any situation on the battlefield or elsewhere. The revolutionary blend of Cordura and nylon offers an attractive appearance and unbeatable longevity.

This latex glove pouch from Blackhawk stands up to everyday scuffs, scrapes and tears, so you don’t have to stress about keeping it looking clean or losing it to premature wear. You may have noticed issues with shaping or strength when using other products made with Cordura, but the pairing of molded Cordura and nylon gives this pouch a stable and crush-proof shape. You can expect years of use, even if you put this product through its paces in the field or in battle.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch:

  • Built to hold two sets of gloves
  • Can also accommodate one regularly sized pager
  • Proprietary molded blend of Cordura and nylon
  • Black material creates a clean, professional look

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch:

The easy-to-clean nylon and Cordura blend helps you keep your gear looking inspection-ready even under the toughest conditions. Don’t miss out on putting the convenience and strength of this glove pouch to the test for yourself. Order yours today!

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