Blackhawk Large Chemical Agent Pouch

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Product Description

Blackhawk Large Chemical Agent Pouch

You must be very careful with chemical agents, which is not always easy in tactical situations. A secure carrying device is quite essential in protecting yourself and those around you from possible accidents. The Blackhawk large chemical agent pouch is an excellent option. Made for use by military personnel, this Blackhawk product is not only secure but made of durable material to last for years to come.

Though it is a small and simple device, this pouch is constructed to be an asset in a military supply kit. It is made of a unique combination of nylon and Cordura material. This blend gives the pouch flexibility and strength. It also prevents it from tearing and fraying, which is very important considering its contents. The additional ridging on the flap of the pouch also helps to secure the chemicals it is carrying. All of the aforementioned aspects work together to ensure that the content of the pouch is safely secured no matter how you have to maneuver with it.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Large Chemical Agent Pouch:

  • Large pouch for tactical use
  • Constructed of Cordura nylon
  • Fray and tear resistant
  • Interior ridging for added security

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Large Chemical Agent Pouch:

This Blackhawk product is an excellent addition to your tactical supplies. Not only does it help to secure dangerous chemical agents, but it is also quality constructed to withstand use during numerous tactical missions. Experience the difference for yourself when you order a Blackhawk large chemical agent pouch.

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