Blackhawk Enhanced Military Web Belt

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Product Description

Blackhawk Enhanced Military Web Belt

The Blackhawk Enhanced Military Web Belt is designed for use by the best of the best – elite US military operators. And because these high-performance operators have no time or patience for inferior gear, this metal-free belt is stiff enough to manage the heaviest loads. The sturdy buckle will also stay locked down tight for maximum performance at all times.

This elite military web belt measures 2 1/4" wide and contains a unique adjustment system using a hook and loop on the opposite ends. This allows operators to completely customize the fit they want for worry-free operability.

Plus, this web belt can easily be worn with any BlackHawk vests or shoulder straps for complete adaptability and versatility.

Benefits of Blackhawk Enhanced Military Web Belt:

  • Heavy duty web belt for elite military operators
  • Measures 2.25” wide
  • Side release buckles enable a quick-on, quick-off for maximum convenience and time savings
  • Metal-free
  • Unique Hook and loop size adjustment for personalization of wear

Things to consider before purchasing the Blackhawk Enhanced Military Web Belt:


Large- Up to 43"
X-Large- 44-49"

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