Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Kit #1

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Product Description

Blackhawk Dynamic Tactical Entry Kit #1

The Blackhawk Dynamic Tactical Entry Kit #1 is the perfect kit for standard tactical entries, featuring the MonoShock Ram™ and Dynamic Duo™

Benefits of Blackhawk Dynamic Tactical Entry Kit #1:

  • Includes Dynamic Entry® MonoShock Ram™ (DE-MS) - The flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line, our MonoShock Ram is the expert breacher’s entry ram of choice.
  • Non-sparking, electrically nonconductive handle system is resistant to 100,000 volts AC
  • Ergonomic control-flex handle system reduces impact stress
  • Includes padded quick-release sling
  • Length: 31.5”
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Includes Dynamic Entry® Dynamic Duo™ (DE-DD) - The durable, easily deployable Dynamic Duo can be used in the majority of breaching situations. A more compact version, the Mini Dynamic Duo is also available for closequarter operations.
  • Includes Dynamic Entry® Breacher (DE-TB)
  • Includes Dynamic Entry® ThunderSledge™ (DE-TS)
  • Includes Dynamic Entry® Dynamic Duo Quiver (DE-DDQ)
  • Length: 32” (DE-DD)
  • Weight: 18 lbs. (DE-DD)

Things to consider before purchasing the Blackhawk Dynamic Tactical Entry Kit #1: 

SPECIAL NOTE: This BLACKHAWK! product is restricted to Military, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel ONLY.

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