Blackhawk Discreet 40 Inch Weapons Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Discreet 40" Weapons Case

The Blackhawk Discreet Weapons Case-40" is a low profile package for carrying your 40” firearm without raising unwanted suspicions or curiosity. The rectangular shape plus the minimalist design creates an everyday profile that would not necessarily give away your position as an operator carrying a firearm.

Manufactured to the same standards of excellence as the first Discreet Case, this Homeland Security Discreet Case has been exclusively designed with customization and versatility in mind. More specifically, it contains multiple hook and loop areas so you can artfully attach many different sizes of pouches in order to be ready for any mission.

Plus, this low profile weapons case contains intense padding to keep your firearm protected while carrying and the all-important shoulder strap is fully detachable for times when it might not be required.

Benefits of Blackhawk Discreet 40" Weapons Case:

  • Removable .375” closed-cell foam padding for a protective layer
  • Detachable shoulder strap and non-slip HawkTex shoulder pad make for an easier carry
  • Outside zipper pocket is lined with a bed of hooks & loops so you can attach any hook & loop pouches for additional storage capacity


  • 22" Case:  22" x 2" x 10" Available in Black
  • 29" Case:  29" x 2" x 10" Available in Black
  • 32" Case:  32" x 2" x 13" Available in Black
  • 35" Case:  35" x 2" x 10" Available in Black and Coyote Tan
  • 40" Case:  40" x 2" x 12" Available in Black and Coyote Tan

Please take note: The hook and loop pouches can also be deployed with many modular hook and loop Blackhawk cases, attaché cases, modular range bags and PMG gear bag. They create excellent adaptability and can be customized to your choice of case or bag.

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