Blackhawk Discreet 35 Inch Weapons Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Discreet 35" Weapons Case

The Blackhawk Discreet Weapons Case-35" provides tactical or stealth operators with a discreet way to transport their firearms without necessarily setting off any suspicious alarm bells. The profile of this Homeland Security Discreet Case is minimalist in design to draw as little attention as possible.

This discreet firearm case may look familiar to you as it has been engineered to the same high standards as the original Discreet Case. However, you can combine this case with Blackhawk hook and loop pouches for a fully customizable approach to your mission, wherever that may be.

In addition, the shoulder strap is fully removable and made of non-slip HawkTex, which secures the strap at all times while carrying.

Benefits of Blackhawk Discreet 35" Weapons Case:

  • Fully detachable .375” padding (closed-cell foam) for reinforced protection
  • Fully detachable shoulder strap for a customized carry
  • Non-slip HawkTex shoulder pad for shoulder carry when required
  • Outside zipper pocket is fully lined with a bed of hook and loop so you can easily and efficiently attach any hook and loop pouches to amplify your storage options


  • 22" Case:  22" x 2" x 10" Available in Black
  • 29" Case:  29" x 2" x 10" Available in Black
  • 32" Case:  32" x 2" x 13" Available in Black
  • 35" Case:  35" x 2" x 10" Available in Black and Coyote Tan
  • 40" Case:  40" x 2" x 12" Available in Black and Coyote Tan

Note: These hook and loop pouches are designed for use with many other modular hook and loop Blackhawk cases, attaché cases, modular range bags and PMG gear bags to name a few. They offer exceptional flexibility and are adjustable to your choice of case or bag.

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