Blackhawk Discreet 32 Inch Weapons Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Discreet 32 Inch Weapons Case

This Blackhawk Discreet Weapons Case-32" is a 32-inch version of the classic discreet weapons carrying case except this Homeland Security Discreet Case is designed to be extra versatile and fully customizable.

By choosing to carry this refurbished discreet carrying case, you gain extra storage for extra magazines and other small items, thanks to the numerous hook and loop pouches. These can be arranged in whatever pattern you like for a customized storage solution for whatever your mission may entail whether you deploy on home soil or somewhere else.

The padding inside and outside this discreet firearm carrying case is simply outstanding with detachable .375” closed-cell foam padding and a non-slip shoulder pad.

Benefits of Blackhawk Discreet 32 Inch Weapons Case

  • Fully detachable .375” closed-cell foam padding for a customized approach to padded reinforcement
  • Removable shoulder strap and non-slip HawkTex shoulder pad make for a versatile, functional approach to weapons carrying
  • Outside zipper pocket is furnished with a bed of hook and loop so you can attach any hook and loop pouches for customized storage


  • 22" Case:  22" x 2" x 10" Comes in Black
  • 29" Case:  29" x 2" x 10" Comes in Black
  • 32" Case:  32" x 2" x 13" Comes in Black
  • 35" Case:  35" x 2" x 10" Comes in Black and Coyote Tan
  • 40" Case:  40" x 2" x 12" Comes in Black and Coyote Tan

Note: These hook and loop pouches can also be deployed with many modular hook and loop Blackhawk cases, attaché cases, modular range bags or PMG gear bags. They provide outstanding flexibility and are fully adaptable to your choice of case or bag.

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