Blackhawk CQC Paddle w/ Screws

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Product Description

Blackhawk CQC Paddle with Screws

In tactical situations, each aspect of your gear must be dialed-in for optimal performance. Combining comfortable wearability, high concealment capability, as well as easy attachment and detachment, the Blackhawk CQC Paddle with Screws is a versatile implement designed to provide you with reliable access to and drawing of your firearm.

This Blackhawk accessory is constructed from a carbon fiber composite material for durable performance that will stand up to daily use in the field. Vary the rake angle to achieve a full range of carrying options, from behind-the-hip orientation to appendix positioning. Heavy paddle tension ensures that your holster remains stable even while drawing your weapon, aided by the strength of adjustable retention hooks which ride beneath your waistband. As an added benefit, the screws you’ll need for mounting are included for quick setup right out of the box.

Benefits of the Blackhawk CQC Paddle with Screws:

  • Built from a carbon fiber composite for enhanced resilience
  • Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware
  • Variable rake angling allows for a variety of carrying options to suit your preference
  • Adjustable retention hooks and heavy tension keep paddle securely in place
  • Available in black to match your duty gear setup

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk CQC Paddle with Screws:

Maintaining ideal positioning of your most crucial gear is necessary for success in the field. Before your next assignment, make sure you’re properly equipped—the Blackhawk CQC Paddle with Screws provides outstanding performance at a value.


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