Blackhawk CQB RAM

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Product Description

Blackhawk CQB RAM

A top-quality battering ram is needed in a number of law enforcement, military and tactical units, and you cannot go wrong with the Blackhawk CQB RAM. Blackhawk is well-regarded for making some of the best tactical gear around, and this ram exemplifies that reputation. This type of ram is great for most interior and exterior doors. It even comes with electrically nonconductive properties in the handle system so that you are safe against voltages up to 100,000 volts AC. With this ram is your arsenal, you are not going to have any issues getting where you need to go.

The CQB RAM was built with your well-being in mind, and that can be seen in the oversized control-flex handle system. This allows breachers to position themselves in a safe zone so that they do not find themselves in a cramped situation. It also prevents any team members from getting caught in the fatal funnel, which is a term used to describe the doorway in a hostile situation because it is where a person is the most vulnerable. Keep yourself and your team members safe with this battering ram.

Benefits of the Blackhawk RAM:

  • Length: 20”
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Non-sparking

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the CQB RAM:

An inferior battering ram can really hamper the effectiveness of a breaching mission, so never settle for less and get yourself this RAM today! When you see it in action, you will be glad you did!

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