Blackhawk Compact Cuff Case

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Product Description

Blackhawk Compact Cuff Case

If you are a law enforcement officer, you understand the importance of ensuring that your handcuffs are secured. In order to get that peace of mind, you should order the Blackhawk Compact Cuff Case. This case comes with an innovative design that prevents it from getting too bulky, so it always rests comfortably on your person. Not only is it comfy, but it is also very durable. It is constructed from durable Cordura nylon that is capable of withstanding tough environments and terrains. This case is tested in the field, so you know it is a proven method of keeping restraining devices safe.

There is a dual slot belt loop on the cuff case that allows you to place it on any belt 2.25” in width or slimmer. This case is built to be resistant against abrasions, and the materials used in its construction are easy to maintain. With this case, you can be confident that your handcuffs are always within quick access.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Cuff Case:

  • Waterproof foam padding
  • 150 denier knit lining
  • Flexile polymer-reinforced layer
  • Traditional style
  • Four-layer laminate Cordura

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Compact Cuff Case:

A solid pair of handcuffs is critical in a number of professions, but if you need handcuffs, you also need the right case to keep them secured. Blackhawk is known for making high-quality products, and that tradition continues with this first-class cuff case.

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