Blackhawk Collapsible Mini ThunderSledge

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Product Description

Blackhawk Collapsible Mini ThunderSledge

What has more strike power, prying leverage and breaching force when extended? The Blackhawk Collapsible Mini ThunderSledge has all that and more. When fully extended, the collapsible sledge is capable of building the momentum you need to get that window or door open. This lightweight option is perfect for travel and unobtrusive storage. The core is made of epoxied fiberglass and is surrounded with two interlocking steel shafts. When opened, a dual locking mechanism keeps everything securely in place as you work. The form-fitting grip serves to protect the sledge from dirt and debris while giving you a solid grip in even the most extreme conditions. Plus, it has a horn and friction ridges for those tougher jobs.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Collapsible Mini ThunderSledge:

  • Weighs 7.7 pounds
  • 16.75 inches long when collapsed
  • 24.5 inches long when extended
  • Fiberglass core
  • Compact design
  • Form fitting grip
  • Dual locking mechanism
  • Can be ordered through Customer Service
  • Restricted to military, law enforcement and security personnel

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Collapsible Mini ThunderSledge:

Back in 1990, a soldier was navigating a minefield when his pack opened. The content fell to the ground and the Navy SEAL vowed to make gear the right way if he managed to return home. Once he was back in the United States, he founded Blackhawk. Since then, the business has constantly researched the best ways to manufacture superior quality materials. Go on and order your collapsible mini thunderslegde today!

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