Blackhawk Biteme Bite Valve

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Product Description

Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve

Your hydration reservoir is a crucial component of your gear. Laborious effort and high temperatures will combine to dry you out, and dehydration can cause not only diminished performance but can eventually pose threats to your health. The Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve is a unique and innovative replacement valve solution, delivering ergonomic design sensibility and customizable flow so you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

Featuring a locking connector which is enabled with 360-degree rotation, the Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve provides easy, reliable use from any angle. The ergonomic on-off lever offers simple operation, letting you control the flow with minimal effort. Combine this replacement valve with your existing Blackhawk hydration system to create an ideal solution for use in the field.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve:

  • Full 360-degree bite zone delivers simple, versatile hydration options
  • Locking connector for consistent functionality
  • Integrated on-off lever is ergonomic in design and easy to use
  • Valve offers excellent rate of flow to keep you well hydrated at all times

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve:

Blackhawk is known for the development of tactical accessories which serve to improve an operative’s performance and make life a little easier in the field. The Blackhawk Bite Me Bite Valve is another in a long list of innovative creations, combining convenience and reliable functionality to form one outstanding product.

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