Blackhawk Belt Loop w/ Screws

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Product Description

Blackhawk Belt Loop with Screws

While Blackhawk has an established name as a force for innovation in the tactical industry, they are also fully capable of designing the most basic implements to high standards as well. The Blackhawk Belt Loop with Screws is a simple but effective mounting tool that will support your concealment holster for reliable, responsive action.

Offering ready compatibility with any of the injection-molded holsters produced by Blackhawk for concealment purposes, this belt loop platform is sure to meet your needs. Ready to go out of the box, the Blackhawk Belt Loop with Screws comes complete with all necessary mounting screws so there’s no additional hardware to obtain. Available in a tactical black color, this platform is sure to blend in seamlessly with your duty uniform.

Benefits of the Blackhawk Belt Loop with Screws:

  • Compatible with Level 1 and Level 2 SERPA concealment holsters
  • Designed to pair with any injection-molded concealment holster produced by Blackhawk
  • Low-profile design won’t add unnecessary bulk to your waist
  • Belt loop platform includes all necessary mounting hardware

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk Belt Loop with Screws:

Your firearm is the backbone of your gear, offering you personal protection and stopping power in conflict situations. Make sure you trust your weapon to the right kind of holster and associated equipment in order to ensure reliable access. Gear up with this Blackhawk platform for the utmost confidence in the line of duty.


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