Blackhawk American Flag Patch

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Product Description

Blackhawk American Flag Patch

Any proud American looks for various ways to show off their love of country. Americans from every walk of life can enjoy boasting this Blackhawk American Flag Patch. Everyone from scouts, sports teams, bikers, and military personnel can utilize this patch on their uniforms. Even if you're simply a proud patriot, you can put this patch on any piece of clothing, such as a jacket or jersey. You can order the right one for you depending on your requirements or style. There are reversed and standard options, both available in multiple colors. You may want a standard or reversed patch depending on which shoulder you will be wearing it on—or just for personal preference.

Benefits of the Blackhawk American Flag Patch:

  • Standard patch has canton on upper left
  • Reversed patch has canton on upper right
  • Easily attachable via hook backing with loop or by sewing

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Blackhawk American Flag Patch:

Everyone can implement this small yet powerful statement of patriotism produced by Blackhawk.  You can utilize this patch for various reasons and look professional doing so. Whether you are buying this for yourself or as a gift, you can be confident in its ability to showcase your love of your home country. Purchase your new Blackhawk American Flag Patch today.

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