BenShot 'Merica Etch "Bulletproof" Shot glass

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Product Description

Ben Shot 'Merica Etched "Bulletproof" Shot Glass

If you’re looking for a handcrafted, unique product to showcase your patriotism, made here in the USA, then the Ben Shot 'Merica Etched "Bulletproof" Shot Glass could be the right choice for you. Each piece of glassware is crafted at a repurposed furniture factory in Wisconsin, once owned by Thomas Edison. Each glass is uniquely imbedded with a .308 caliber rifle bullet, and is 100% safe for drinking. Pick up one for yourself, or as a gift, and enjoy this high quality glassware that is sure to become an interesting conversation piece for any setting.

Benefits of the Ben Shot 'Merica Etched "Bulletproof" Shot Glass:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Unique Gift and conversation piece
  • Laser Etched ‘Merica and US Flag
  • Fixed .308 caliber bullet will not come loose
  • 100% safe for drinking
  • No Gunpowder, No Lead
  • High Quality, Heavy Glassware

Things to consider before purchasing the Ben Shot 'Merica Etched "Bulletproof" Shot Glass:

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