BenShot "Bulletproof" 11oz Rocks Glass

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Product Description

Ben Shot “Bulletproof” 11oz Rocks Glass

If you’re looking for a unique, handcrafted-in-the-USA product, then the Ben Shot "Bulletproof" 11oz Rocks Glass is one that will not disappoint. These wonderful gifts are crafted in a repurposed furniture factory in Wisconsin, once owned by Thomas Edison, and each glass is uniquely imbedded with a .308 caliber lead-free bullet. This glass is sure to become a conversation piece for hunters, military personnel, and law enforcement alike.

The bullet in each glass is fixed and will not come loose. These glasses are 100% safe for drinking, no gunpowder, no lead. It is recommended to hand wash.

Benefits of the Ben Shot “Bulletproof” 11oz Rocks Glass:

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Unique Gift and conversation piece
  • Fixed .308 caliber bullet will not come loose
  • 100% safe for drinking
  • No Gunpowder, No Lead
  • High Quality, Heavy Glassware

Things to consider before purchasing the Ben Shot “Bulletproof” 11oz Rocks Glass:

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