Belleville Women's Hot Weather Combat Boots (Coyote) FC390

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Product Description

Belleville Women's Hot Weather Combat Boots (Coyote) FC390

Authorized for wear with OCP uniforms for Army and USAF members, and multicam uniforms for Army members, the Belleville Women's Hot Weather Coyote Combat Boot is an excellent footwear choice for the women who serve our country. Returning for 2015, this classic boot is one of Belleville’s most iconic offerings, revolutionizing military footwear since it was first released. Made from durable flesh side out cattlehide leather and nylon, the upper offers enhanced breathability for hot weather, while the insole is a molded single density removable insert. The shock absorbent midsole features the Vanguard premium cushioning system to increase comfort and protect your feet from jarring impacts.

With an athletic sole created by Vibram, this highly mobile boot allows you to stay quick on your feet and gives you increased mobility in a wide range of terrain; the 100% rubber sole allows for enhanced grip on almost any surface. At eight inches high and in coyote tan, the boot obeys military standards and matches easily with many different uniforms. In addition, it complies with the Berry Amendment, which stipulates a military preference for items that are produced in the United States.

Benefits of the Belleville Women's Hot Weather Combat Boots (Coyote) FC390:

  • AR670-1 compliant for US Army wear with multicam and OCP
  • AFI 36-2903 compliant for US Air Force wear with OCP
  • Women’s sizing for a perfect fit
  • Coyote tan for uniform compliance
  • Nylon and cattlehide upper
  • Vibram 100% rubber sole
  • Proudly American made

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Belleville Women's Hot Weather Combat Boots (Coyote) FC390:

We understand how important it is that our service members have gear that is designed specifically for them, which is why we offer women’s gear from top manufacturers such as Belleville. Check out the effectiveness of these boots by ordering your own pair today.

Other Details

Belleville Women's Hot Weather Coyote Boot
Meets Army AR670-1 regulations
Made in the USA
Leather and nylon uppers
Made to fit the female foot