Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black) E03204

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Product Description

Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black)

When you require agility and maneuverability, sometimes a heavy boot isn’t the answer. The Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black) combines comfort and performance with ideal freedom of movement to create a piece of footwear that will serve you well in a wide variety of situations. From tactical operations to general athletic activity, it’s always important to make sure your feet are well cared for.

Bates Boots has an established reputation for developing quality footwear, with emphasis on providing all-day wearability without sacrificing performance elements. The Bates Men’s Black Delta Sport Boot is a low-profile solution for any physical activity, offering rugged leather construction with nylon upper, athletic cement construction, and a no-slip rubber outsole for added stability. Finally, the unique Individual Comfort System is equipped with a removable disk which can be placed in any of four strategically-placed zones for customized firmness and cushioning, as well as inward and outward stability.

Benefits of the Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black):

  • ICS midsole for adjustable comfort
  • Rubber outsole resists slips
  • Features breathable mesh lining
  • Leather with nylon upper for durable performance
  • Sport shoe features low profile design

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black):

The Bates Men's Delta Sport Shoes (Black) is a versatile option, offering custom-tailored midsole comfort and rugged resilience that will support you in a variety of environments. Your feet take care of you—make sure you do the same in return.

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